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As a corporate team building specialist for the last 7 years. We have been able to deliver countless events to corporate clients and sports teams throughout Gauteng.  We at Budget Team Building understands how important it is to deliver a meaningful and memorable corporate team building event.  With a wide range of products selection we offer indoor team building events that is highly engaging to outdoor events focusing on overcoming daily obstacles aligning new focus and learning to navigate towards achieving a specific goal. Keeping corporate clients in mind Budget team building has developed a variety of products designed to motivate and inject energy into the group through fun and interactive activity within your budget.



From a young age I was introduced to running corporate events and promotions and later after qualifying as a Sport Specialist working with multiple patients, corporate clients and professional sports teams I realized the power of motivating and inspiring people to work as a unit. Companies promote team work but without trust, motivation and the right communication this is very difficult to achieve. Through my experience working so closely to with my clients I have acquired the skill of motivating people through fun interaction.  Once they are having fun, relaxed and feel they are in a safe zone they are more receptive, open and its easier to cross barriers that is often miss interpreted in the work place.

Team Building Product List

30 Min Refresher

This product is specifically designed for corporates doing full day conferencing. Energize, refresh and distress your delegates and get them refocused for the afternoon session.

Objective: Energize and focus.

Bring It On!

A Creative spin combination of minute to win it fear factor and crazy games. Teams will have the opportunity to compete in a combination of 6, 8 or 10 events to choose from such as “Bug eating, Broken Pipe line and problem solving.

Additional Extra’s: Bandannas, T-Shirts, Caps, Photographers.
Objective: Fun, Communication, Team Spirit, Strategizing.

Blind Fold Cake Icing

Each team member will have the daunting task to ice and decorate a themed cake blind folded. Teams will design their cake and plan strategically how they are going to execute it blind folded. Everyone will have the change to get their fingers sticky.

Additional Extra’s: Aprons, Chefs Hats, Bandannas, Photographers.
Objective: Team work, Fun, Expanding Comfort Zones, Fun, Communication.

Brand Phunk

Explore the creative and colourful side of your company’s values and vision through painting. Every individual plays a significant role, but it only shows when everything comes together as one.

Additional Extra’s: Photographer.
Objective: Teamwork, Relaxing and Fun.

Amazing Footlong Race

Bases on the same feature as “Amazing Race” teams will be put through a series of tasks, pitstops and orientation to navigate their way by using a compass to the finish line. These events are Taylor made for the selected venue of your choice. Teams are briefed in advance and given all equipment required. This is a very interactive activity, teams can walk the route and accumulate points at every pitstop. The team that finishes and have accumulated the most points win.

Additional Extra’s: Bandannas, T-Shirts, Caps, Trophy’s.
Objectives: Teamwork, Planning, Fun, Problem Solving.

Drunken Sailor

With a Mixologist on board teams learn how to pour and create a replica cocktail to enjoy. Its not just about the mixing it, its about having fun. That is why we combined some crazy drunken sailor games to add more laughter. Make your cocktails and enjoy them.

Additional Extra’s: Bandannas, T-Shirts, Caps, Photographer.
Objective: Teamwork, Team Spirit, Fun, Relaxing.

Build a Potjie

Local is Lekker! Challenge your colleagues to traditional cook off. This is a very relaxed team effort. You will have some surprises along the way, having to compete for potjie selection, mystery ingredient and some additional fun prizes in between. May the best cooks win.

Build a potjie have a variation of the following:

Facilitating and Equipment:Budget Team Building will supply all Equipment and will be your host for the evening and ensure that everyone is enjoying the event.

Facilitating, Equipment and Ingredients. Budget Team Building will use the discretion of the venue selected to organize all ingredients, and then supply equipment along with hosting your event.

Enquire about the cost for your potjie selection and choose from the filling:

  1. Beef
  2. Lamb
  3. Chicken
  4. Vegetable

Additional Extras: Aprons, Caps, Bandannas, Photographers, Trophy’s.
Objective: Team Work, Panning, Fun, Relaxing.

Pancake Challenge

Show off your culinary skills in this fun challenge. Plan your strategy on how to become more productive under pressure during your pancake relay. No flops only fault free pancakes. This product can be customised to your needs.

Additional Extra’s: Printed Aprons, Chefs Hats, Bandannas, Photographer, Trophy’s.
Objective: Manage Pressure, Plan, Strategize, Adrenaline Rush.

Target Shoot Out

Sales Conferences that are highly focused on reaching their targets. Aim, Focus and hit your Target. We have a selection of product to help your team get their focus in alignment with the Target. These activities include, Archery, Air Rifle and Ketty Shoot out.

Additional Extra’s: Bandannas, Caps, Photographer and Trophies.
Objective: Focus, Team work and Camaraderie.


Indoor or outdoor activity that is non-competitive and fun for all. Interactive drumming has become one of the most asked for group activities due to its stress relieving properties and is used to synchronise employees to work as one.

Additional extras: T-Shirts, Caps and Photographer.
Objectives: Teamwork, Fun, Relaxing.

Healthy Conference

Increase productivity, breath deeper and increase endorphins. Start the day with some light to moderate exercises. These sessions range between 30 – 60min where you will be guided by a qualified trainer that will incorporate functional training, power pilate’s to release tension in the lower back and between shoulder blades. Start your day feeling revitalized.

Additional Extras: T-Shirts, Towels, Water Bottles, Photographer.
Objective: Energize.

Fun Torque the TalkAdrenaline junkies

Adrenaline junkies we have the ultimate in high performance driving, advanced driving and Go Carting, testing not only your driving skill but also your endurance to focus. Ladies are welcome, you may just surprise yourself. It’s the perfect day out of the office.

Additional Extras: T-shirts, Caps, Bandannas, Trophy’s.
Objectives: Basic to advanced driving Skill, Fun.

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